Knowledge Management System (Resource Library)

The Knowledge Management Systems (KMS), or Resource Library, has been designed to support the ‘how to do it’ in the GRS. This system supports endoscopy services by:

  • Supporting endoscopy services to achieve higher levels in the NZGRS

  • Sharing and providing all existing endoscopy knowledge across the service

  • Generating new knowledge and resources 

  • Accessing knowledge and resources from other sectors and services

  • Embedding knowledge of what works

The Getting Started documents provide a good introduction to each of the NZGRS standards.

Please note that several documents within the KMS have been sourced from other countries and any practice which is external to the New Zealand health service should be carefully reviewed to determine applicability to a New Zealand setting. Some of the documents have been imported from JAG-UK and we are currently working to update them. Please contact the NEQIP team if and when you need guidance and we will provide relevant documentation where available.


The documents found on the KMS include those voluntarily uploaded by services. The Royal College of Physicians of London (RCP) assumes no responsibility for the consequences of use of such information, nor for any infringement of third-party intellectual property rights which may result from its use.